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What We Do

Tourismus Group consists of brands within the tourism, hospitality and catering industry. Each brand has its own identity from providing memorable rail journeys to exclusive private tours in France and Switzerland and catering different types of themed events/parties with delicious foods and smooth DJ’s.


Our Approach

At Tourism Group we all have the same common approach, securing long-lasting partnership, taking care of our client (small or big), crafting tailor-made experiences and keeping our environment in mind with every decision made.


Our Mission

To deliver marvellous experiences through our brands whilst taking care of our environment and working towards being 100% green.


About Our Firm

At Tourismus Group we live, breathe, and dream about Travel, Tourism and Hospitality whilst improving our industry on a daily basis. Not only do we take care of every client we have but also establish long term trustworthy partnerships; our work is only done when our clients are fully satisfied.

Our Team

The team consists of international people with a comment goal of delivering exceptional service. Tourismus Group carefully selected personnel allows each client to receive the finest tailor-made experience with in-depth culture within the firm.

Our Commitment

We are committed to providing the best experience and protecting our environment by carefully selecting our resources. This is regardless of whether you are looking for us to organize a special trip with one of our brands, looking for a DJ to boost your event, or even looking to add delicious comfort food for a relaxed event or party.


Tourismus Group in Numbers

We are always looking to build new brands and expanding our presence in different countries to enhance the tourism and hospitality industry while helping our local communities.

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Years Of Experience

Tour Supplier / Ground Operator 

Are you looking to create an unforgettable itinerary in Europe for your clients traveling by land or sea?


Explore Venez Discover Switzerland and France distinct private day tours and rail journeys across Europe, which are customizable to your cruise, rail, or other programs and clients’ needs. Our brands flexibility and being the end supplier allows them to be a reliable and cost-effective partner while keeping the high standards and quality we have through the entire firm.

Hospitality Services

Are you considering or hunting for a location to create your MICE event in Europe?

Choosing the right location and hotel for the appropriate purpose is always difficult. Tourismus Group understands the difficulties of organizations. We are here to help with our expertise to source the perfect location by performing diligent site inspections and negotiating attractive rates. Regardless of whether the MICE event is small or big, luxury-oriented or other. Tourismus Group will always seek high standards to be implemented while complying with environmentally friendly initiatives.

Event / Party Services

Are you searching for a caterer and DJ for your business, social or special event/party in Switzerland?

Discover our homemade Swiss-American hot dogs, smoothies, and pastries. We use only natural products and purchase our 100% Swiss Beef meat from our local Basel-Land butcher. Our catering brand DJs allows the event/party to come together with varies genre of music from smooth to Trance. We ensure our packaging is environmentally friendly, complying with our CSR goal to be a strong advocate of sustainability within our industry by reusing, reducing, and recycling.