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Our Brands, Venez Discover France, and Venez Discover Switzerland have been built by people who love to explore. They embrace our commitment to protecting our environment and sharing our knowledge, passion, and excitement with you. Each guide helps clients discover new places on a selection of customizable private tours and rail journeys.

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Venez Discover Switzerland

Venez Discover Switzerland highly trained guides will accompany you on a variety of private tours and distinct rail journey through Switzerland with aplomb and passion for this impressive country. Switzerland is a vibrant wonderment country; the small mountainous country embraces its landmarks, cities, and nature with pride. Soaring glacier-encrusted mountains that stand proudly throughout the nation are home to the much-skied snow and ice lands.

Venez Discover France

Venez Discover France guides will take you on unforgettable French day tours and rail journeys through the incredible history, art, and culture of France from the iconic cloud-puncturing Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Arc de Triomphe, and lamplit bridges spanning the Seine. Discover the famed Notre Dame cathedral and dine in delicious boutique cafes. Travel to the leafy, bourgeois suburb of Versailles on one of numerous Versailles private tours from Paris of France’s most famous and revered palace Château de Versailles.

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